What is BLASTeo?
BLASTeo is a simple and fun way to quickly create interactive presentations. Invite your audience to join your presentation on their device to follow along, vote, interact, party (blast audio in sync; audiences devices turn into a stereo) and more!

Nowadays, your audience is most likely distracted by their device while you present. Why not get them & their devices involved in your presentation like never before? Don't just present and drone-on, get your audience using their devices to have a BLAST with you and your presentation!

Is BLASTeo free to use?
Yes, you can create and present a BLAST presentation at no cost for 50 people & their devices.

What if I have an event larger then 50 people/devices?
Our plans are as followed....

  • Basic Plan: Host up to 50 people & their devices (free)
  • Supporter Plan: Host up to 250 people & their devices($20 per mo/$100 a year)
  • Corporate Plan: Host an unlimited number of people & their devices(price varies)

Choose the right plan for you and sign up via our pricing page.

What else is offered with premium plans?

  • Supporter Plan: Additional theme colors(coming soon) & the ability to invite audience to join via a short/branded URL.
  • Corporate Plan: Additional theme colors(coming soon), short/branded URL & we can create a customized BLAST for you/your event

Choose the right plan for you and sign up via our pricing page.

What's a short/branded URL?
Audience members join your presentation by typing either a long or short/memorable URL. Examples being...

  • https://blasteo.com/nike/bounce
  • blasteo.com/nike

The second is an EXAMPLE of a short/branded URL premium users use to invite guests to join & interact with their presentation. It is easier to type and remember!

What is the "Select as Default," option (aka creating a short URL)?
Premium users can click the "Select as default," checkbox to shorten the URL on their profile page. The URL can also be shorten right from within the edit presentation window by clicking the link icon seen on the first slide.

I have an idea for a feature or would like to discuss creating a customized BLAST for my event
The BLASTeo team is here to help make your presentation and event an unforgettable time for your audience. Please contact us to discuss your ideas, events and as well learn about our delivery time/pertinent info re: building custom BLASTs for you/your event!

Have a question, comment or something else?
Please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!